Logo of Green Future Festival
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This program is presented by SUN in response
to public interest on sustainable living

Film Display

Showcasing on how the net zero program in each country and the urgencies of world pollution and climate corruption. A seated watch party for 20 to 30 people. Each video infographic will be played for less than 7 minutes.

VR Solar Energy

A VR station on how solar energy and solar panel works. From the process of making solar panels to its effect on future renewable energy vision. Our VR Station will bring a new layer to understanding how solar energy and solar panels work: from the making process of solar panel and how they have a meticulous effect on the future. No more imagining — it's time to face reality.

Miniature Solar Panel

The educational booth will have small interactive installations and infographics. Small miniatures will be used to create a more entertaining education experience.

Tree of Hope

We all have hopes for a more sustainable future. One of this hope is the development of renewable energy. The Tree of Hope will be used as a medium for young and future generations as participants to write their voice on a pad provided by the Green Future Festival, showcased on a LED display surrounded by the tree.

Waste Management Station

A zero waste festival is one where we can send as little waste as possible to landfills and recycle or compost whatever is left. This waste management station encourages attendees to recycle crowd-pleasing waste and learn more at Rekosistem's recycling workshop.

SUN Energy Booth

SUN Energy booth will showcase its main product, including project portfolio and on the spot registration for getting solution by using solar energy system from SUN Energy.

Test Drive Booth

To give information and knowledge to the audience about eco-friendly transportation using an electric car as our partner for this event.

FnB Booth

There will be food and beverage booths which supports eco-living, such as using eco-friendly packaging.

Main Stage

This stage will contain a music performance and talkshow. The topic of the talkshow can be directed to storytell about disappointment to environmental issues and hope for future generations. The stage will utilize visual LED graphics, lighting, and plant decorations.


An unforgettable experience by top tier musicians such as Maliq D’essentials and Padi Reborn that will fulfill the audiences night with love and inspirations.


One way communication show that will be featured with notable speakers to encourage the audiences through thoughts and inspirational values.

Public Area

For social purposes, public area will be provided for visitors to foster discussion and thoughts about the future of energy usage with an inspirational space.